Massage In Schools Programme

The Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) is an international movement, which works with schools, teachers and children to offer a high quality, inclusive, peer to peer massage programme for 4-12 year olds that can be used creatively within all curriculum areas.

Children doing the simple routine of our programme lower their stress levels, increasing their chance for better concentration at school and better sleep at home. We also have reports of increased body image amongst students, a decrease in bullying, and better cooperation in the classroom. And it is in this spirit that we continue to promote our programme to schools all over the world – no matter where they are, what race, religion or beliefs they have, the benefits of the programme remain the same.

How it works

  • A fun, daily, 10-15 minute adult-led peer massage routine

  • Massage is given only by children, to other children

  • Massage is given over clothes and only to the back, neck, head, arms and hands

  • Received and given only with the child’s permission

  • MISP is an inclusive programme for children aged 4-12

  • MISP encourages learning through positive touch games and activities and by creating massage stories

  • MISP is suitable as a classroom activity or in other child-centered environments, like after school club

Benefits for children, teachers and their schools

  • Creates a safe and happy learning environment

  • Helps develop concentration and memory

  • Fosters physical development through creative, kinaesthetic motor skills

  • Develops respect for others and increases social inclusion and empathy

  • Enables children to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate touch

  • Has resulted in a significant reduction in bullying and aggression

  • An inclusive activity enjoyed by children that engages with the diverse needs of all pupils

Who should attend?

Teachers, SENDCos, pupil premium leads, out of school staff, pastoral leads and support staff.  Anyone in primary schools looking to support positive mental health and wellbeing, PSHE, SMSC, SRE, British Values and Prevent.  This course was re-scheduled from January, and places are still available.

To help embed the programme, schools might consider sending more than one staff member.