Improving Transition KS2 to KS3

Moving on from primary school to high school is a key moment in any pupil's education. Statistically we know that achievement takes a step back as pupils leave Y6 and enter Y7. This dip in achievement is even greater for disadvantaged pupils. Traditionally, schools do a good job in preparing pupils emotionally and socially for this move. Drawing on good practice where it takes place, there is scope to improve the transition for pupils in terms of standards of work, curriculum and teaching and learning.

Through the course of the SSIF Project, a small group of primary and secondary schools have been engaged on this area, and as the project comes to an end, we are then aiming to establish a SSIF legacy in transition, which would be open to all Bury schools to join in with. This is an initiative which with the right preparation, we can even put in place for the cohort of children who are about to move on in September.

We are planning a meeting to which all schools are invited to send a representative.

When and Where?


Primary -

Who Should Come?

Secondary -

Who Should Come?

Wednesday 5th June 2019,

2.00 - 4.00pm

Stables Country Park, Bolholt Complex, Walshaw Road, Bury

Year 6 Teachers

Senior Leaders

KS3 Coordinators

Transition Leads

Subject Leads, especially Maths and English

At the meeting, there will be the opportunity to hear from schools who have been engaged in the Strand 3 Transition Project, and to discuss the issues which have been raised, which might become barriers to more effective transition for pupils.

We also want this to be a working session, with an agreement of what would become a Transition Charter for Bury schools, and a foundation to build on existing learning and practice. We owe this to our pupils, to help them build on their learning in primary and progress effectively through high school.

If you would like to talk this through further, or to confirm your attendance, please email Alan Beedie: