Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with your SLE. All teachers have commented that the advice has enabled them to plan more effectively and also has given them new strategies for narrowing the gap with those pupils who are capable of reaching national average.

A highly knowledgeable SLE. Very articulate indeed" (Post Deployment Feedback, May 2018)

Teaching schools are responsible for the selection and placement of Specialist Leaders of Education. This is one part of an overall plan to give schools a central role in developing a self-improving and sustainable school-led system. SLEs focus on developing leadership capacity. This role is about developing other leaders so that they have the skills to lead their own teams and improve practice in their own school.

We have a number of SLEs with exceptional primary, secondary, sixth form and special school experience ready to share their expertise across school settings. 

Teaching schools have the role of designating SLEs and brokering their deployment into other schools. As part of recruitment, our SLEs have demonstrated how their work has had a positive effect on outcomes for children and young people, and how they have developed leadership capacity in other schools. 

Our SLEs are outstanding middle and senior leaders, with at least two years' leadership experience, who have a successful track record of school improvement in their particular area of expertise. Committed to outreach work, our SLEs are able to work alongside your staff to offer a fresh perspective to any challenge or issue within your school. SLEs can draw upon their real and relevant experience within their area of expertise to provide a specific focus for development, ensuring long term sustainable development within your school. 

SLE deployments may vary in length and purpose. For example, a deployment may be a short diagnostic exercise, whereas another deployment may be a supportive role exercised over a longer time period. All SLE deployments are flexible and bespoke, in length and nature.

To understand your unique aims and outcomes, our SLE will meet with you to draw up a deployment contract prior to their deployment. This ensures work is clearly defined and impact upon these aims and outcomes will be evaluated following completion of the deployment. The daily rate for SLE support is £400 per day (Leadership Spine) or £350 per day (TLR). 

Our SLEs are specialised in most areas, with plans to recruit more. If you are looking for an SLE who is specialised in an area that is not currently listed, please contact us.

Primary SLEs



Martine Ashton Early Years, Phonics, Maximising TAs
Adam Chase Computing, Assessment
Debbie Foden Early Years, Phonics, Maximising TAs
Simon Hunt Computing, Drama, English, Behaviour, CPD, Curriculum, NQTs
Michelle Hutchinson Maths, Phonics, RE, Maximising NQTs
Kay James English
Natalie Jayson Assessment, Maximising TAs, Closing the gap
Jess Johnson English, RE, Curriculum, Maximising TAs, Closing the gap, Behaviour, NQTs
Emma Moncado Special Educational Needs
Andrew Rhodes Assessment, Curriculum, Computing, NQTs
James Rolt Maths, Assessment, CPD, Curriculum, Closing the gap, NQTs
Clare Shivnan-Taylor Phonics, Early Years, Art
Rachael Wall English, Maths, Music, Closing the gap, Curriculum, Behaviour, NQTs
Anna-Claire Withey Early Years, English, Phonics, Maximising TAs, Curriculum, CPD


Secondary SLEs



Heather Bland Phonics, SEN, NQTs
Catherine Dent Music, SEN, Maximising TAs
Erika Frame MFL, Curriculum
Louise Keeton English, Curriculum
Alison Morrell Maths, SEN
Elisabeth O'Donnell Sixth form, CPD, Closing the gap, SEN
Emma Platt English, Curriculum, CPD, NQTs
Nicola Richards Maths, SEN, Closing the gap, Curriculum, Behaviour, NQTs
Alexandra Thatcher PE, CPD, NQTs
Sarah Warden English, Curriculum, CPD, NQTs
David Wilson Maths, NQTs
Zoe Windsor Geography

To find out more about our SLEs please contact us at: BTSA@bury.gov.uk

More information about the role of SLE can be found on the gov.uk website.


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