National Leaders of Education (NLE)

As a headteacher of an outstanding school, you could apply to be a national leader of education (NLE).  In this role, you and your staff would support schools in challenging circumstances, in addition to leading your own school.

The aim of the national leaders of Education is to increase the leadership capacity of other schools to help raise standards.  This is one part of the Government’s plan to give schools a central role in developing a self-improving and sustainable school system.

The goal is to have 1,400 NLEs by 2016.

The list below is just some of the things that are NLEs can assist with.

  • Working with the LA and the client school, they can identify what areas of performance require improvement.
  • Create a service review plan
  • Produce regular interim reviews to highlight progress when deployed.
  • Provide additional leadership to schools in challenging circumstances.
  • Work with the LA’s school improvement Service, Governors, and the Leadership team of the identified school in the preparation and implementation of an action plan

Our current National Leaders of Education are Phil Barlow, Sheryl Farnworth, Carol McLachlan, Elaine Parkinson and Ian Young

More information about the NLE role and details about how to apply can be found on the website here.