Local Leaders of Education

Local Leaders of Education are available to support you in your school. Please get in touch with us if you feel you would benefit from support from an LLE.

Our current Local Leaders of Education are Gill Evans, Melanie Michael, Christine Reynolds and Geraldine Woodward.

The Local Leader of Education Programme is at the heart of a school led system where schools take responsibility for improving student outcomes through school to school support. LLEs are successful Headteachers who work alongside other school leaders to drive forward improvements and build capacity to ensure that improvements can be sustained.

The role of the LLE is to work outside their own school, providing support to another Headteacher and their school with the aim of school improvement. The role is flexible and based on context and may involve:

  • Coaching and supporting a new Headteacher who would benefit from assistance in the transition period to maintain momentum in their school’s improvement
  • Offering peer challenge and support to a Headteacher to ensure impact in school improvement strategies
  • Conducting a diagnostic assessment to gain understanding of the extent of a school needs
    Providing focused support to a school identified through the inspection framework as ‘requires improvement’ or vulnerable to under-performance

Deployment as an LLE may involve offering individual support, a partnership with another system leader (SLE, NLE, NLG) and could involve staff from the LLEs school.

To become an LLE you must be a serving Headteacher with a minimum of three year’s experience, good outcomes in school attainment and Ofsted measures, and a successful track record of school improvement. LLEs must work in schools with high pupil achievement, and a strong senior leadership team that won’t be at risk when the school becomes involved in school to school support. Approval must be given by the Governing Body and a supportive reference will be required from a Senior Educational Professional.

LLEs designated by the Bury Teaching School Alliance  are part of a wide network of system leaders. Following successful assessment, induction, training and resources will be provided. In the next round of application in 2015/16 The Bury Teaching School Alliance will be seeking applications from potential Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) on behalf of The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL).

Do you have a personal conviction to strive for the success of all schools and their students and not just your own?
Are you committed to work with other school leaders and teachers to help them be successful?
Does your own school have the capacity and expertise to support other schools?
Are you eager to learn from others?
Do you see yourself as a servant leader here to serve for the greater benefit of the education service as a whole?

Please register your interest with us so that we can inform you when the next round for applications is open.