Strategic School Improvement Fund SSIF

The Strategic School Improvement Fund Project has run from January 2018 to summer 2019.

The focus of the grant is to improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in Bury and beyond, and each school has been involved in one or more of the three strands of the project.

Strand Focus
1 Literacy in primary

Phonics acquisition, reading comprehension, transition between EYFS/KS1/KS2. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) on Power of Reading, Reading Fluency.

2 Effective pupil premium strategies Pupil premium review on a peer model, CPD for Social, Emotional and Mental Health, use of support staff.
3 Transition KS2/3 Sharing understanding between KS2 and KS3 of curriculum expectations. Meeting the demands of literacy across the curriculum.


Our latest major component of the SSIF Project is our partnership with UCL Institute of Education to provide the MITA Programme (Maximising Impact of Teaching Assistants).  Go to their website.

SSIF Legacy

Using school contributions which were made in the first year of the project, it has been possible to create a small legacy fund, which will support the embedding of learning from the project outcomes.

Training in phonics right up to early KS2 will continue to be offered by Bury TSA, and schools are being supported to continue their subscription to The Power of Reading.

We are rolling out the MPTA training (Maximising Practice of Teaching Assistants) for all primary and secondary schools involved to help pupils become confident, independent learners.  This is in the form of three half days of training for TAs, and twilight training for teachers.

The Bury Transition Charter represents the legacy of Strand 3, and will be promoted with all Bury schools, to encourage close partnership, and to ensure pupils make the best possible start in high school.