Newly Qualified Teachers

From January 2020, Bury TSA becomes the Appropriate Body for the induction of NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers).  This means that we make the decision as a result of the assessments submitted, whether a teacher meets the Teachers' Standards at the end of their induction period.  This decision is based on the recommendation of the headteacher of the NQT's school.  This applies to all NQTs who start their induction from  September 2019 onwards. 

Bury TSA will support NQTs, their Induction Tutors and mentors in the induction process, and provide a programme of professional development including a conference (in the case of secondary NQTs, these are provided via Bury Secondary Learning Collaborative).  We will also quality assure the induction process, including the support Newly Qualified Teachers are receiving.

For primary NQTs, the professional development programme is here.

For secondary NQTs, the professional development programme is here.

This area of the website includes a section for NQTs and one for their Induction Tutors, which provides all the documentation you will require.

How Can BTSA Support NQTs?