NPQML - Middle Leadership - Autumn 2020

National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders (NPQML)

NPQML is for individuals who are, or are aspiring to become, a middle leader with responsibility for leading a team e.g. a key stage leader, a curriculum area leader, a pastoral service leader, a subject leader, or a head of department.

What does the qualification offer?

  • Access to outstanding leadership development training
  • National qualification designed by school leaders for school leaders
  • A flexible, modular structure that combines core modules with the freedom to specialise and to develop candidate’s own professional areas.

What are the benefits to the candidate?

  • Improved outcomes for pupils in candidate areas of responsibility
  • Increased awareness and understanding of self and of the behaviours needed to lead a team
  • Time to reflect on leadership practice and ability to check learning and development needs
  • Increased capability and capacity to take on a leadership role - having the skills, knowledge and understanding to do the job more effectively

Delivery Model:

  • Three face-to-face sessions over 12 months
  • Three facilitated online courses
  • 360 Leadership Diagnostic degree at the start and end
  • Online briefings providing support and guidance
  • School improvement project within your team lasting at least two terms
  • Support from a nominated in-school mentor

What will it cost?

  • £950 (this will be invoiced by Best Practice)
  • Scholarship funding available for diocese schools
  • Funding can be accessed via the apprenticeship levy

How do I apply?

Delivery partner Bury TSA (code BRY-TSA) by 24thJuly 2020.



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