Early Career Teacher and Recently Qualified Teacher Programmes (ECT and RQT)

"Not enough early career teachers receive the high-quality support they need to build the foundation for a successful career."

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy, January 2019

Bury Schools Alliance aim to provide our ECTs and RQTs with the high quality support that is needed at the start of their teaching career. Our programmes ensure that all early career teachers and recently qualified teachers are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding essential to become effective teaching practitioners.

We are proud to offer ECTs the opportunity to attend the Primary NQT Course Programme and also offer a full CPD Programme for Bury Secondary NQTs who are BSLC Member schools.

In response to the recently published Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy, we are delighted to announce the launch of our RQT Professional Development Programme which is suitable for teachers within their first five years of teaching.