School Direct Graduate Testimonials

Training through Bury Teaching Schools Alliance (BTSA) has given me the best possible start to my teaching career. From the first day the friendly, knowledgeable tutors and facilitators provided excellent training and support on all elements of teaching. Placements close to home make the year a lot easier, and the schools you are placed in give fantastic support and show a range of school experience. The in-depth training left me feeling prepared for every challenge thrown at me once standing on my own two feet! There is no better way of learning about the teaching profession than by doing it first hand. I couldn't recommend training with the BTSA enough - and have since been lucky to secure jobs in Bury for NQT and RQT teaching years. The staff are supportive and knowledgeable, the training is outstanding and the networking opportunities are brilliant, both whilst on the course and in your further years of teaching. Thank you BTSA!

(Primary School Direct Graduate, 2016 - 2017)

Outstanding - the one word that I can use to truly capture my experience with BTSA. I was extremely nervous when starting my PGCE and felt very uncertain about my ability to be a successful teacher. However, the BTSA consistently supported me, stretched my learning and ensured I was prepared and confident for my time in school.

The CPD offered was always interesting, relevant and practical. In addition to theory, BTSA provided hands-on tips and advice that could be easily transferred into the school setting.

Since completing my PGCE, I have successfully passed my NQT year and thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of my time in school. Everyday I am grateful for my career as a teacher - working with teenagers is always challenging, rewarding and extremely amusing!

During my NQT year I have had the pleasure of having a Year 7 form, watching their personalities grow over the year has been interesting and extremely joyous, I already worry about the day they leave in Year 11! In addition, I am Assistant Head of Year 11, work with additional literacy groups, have organised two trips within my department, revamped rewards systems and have 'buddied' with a new member of staff to support them. The Head at my school has encouraged me to reach my aspirations and has sent me to 'Women Leaders in Education' courses to support my goals.

BTSA have continued to stay in touch throughout my NQT year and offered advice for my future. I can't thank the team enough for the help, support and genuine care during my PGCE!

(Secondary School Direct Graduate, 2016 - 2017)

The BTSA is truly dedicated to transforming students into competent and rounded teaching professionals. Throughout the year, the training and support provided allows you to grow and develop whilst being truly supported through the numerous and various challenges faced in the teaching profession. The colleagues that the BTSA work with and employ to deliver training are true professionals, brimming with experience and knowledge that can guide you from student to professional in less than a year. The passion from all who are part of the BTSA is evident throughout and they have really bolstered my confidence and professional capability as we progressed through this academic year. I am a very proud BTSA alumni and really hope that I can work with the BTSA in some form in the future.

(Primary School Direct Graduate, 2017 - 2018)